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Cold Waters - Debbie Herbert

Everybody thinks fourteen-year-old Violet is a killer. Following a mid year night swim with her closest friend, Ainsley, Violet is discovered befuddled, meandering in the woods—and Ainsley's gone forever. Be that as it may, without a body, murder allegations won't stick, so Violet is sent away. 

After over 10 years in a mental ward, Violet comes back to her home town of Normal, Alabama, to guarantee her dead mother's legacy and help her exhausted sister care for their insecure, alcoholic dad. Violet, still frequented by that night eleven years back, perseveres through horrendous flashbacks and contorted visualizations while townsfolk spit allegations—and for all she knows, they're correct. 

As the mid-year warms up, subtleties of Ainsley's fate seem like a monster's wild eyes, watching in the night, and troubling disclosures about Violet's family threatens to destroy her. Standing on the threshold of insanity, Violet must battle to keep her sanity for long enough for the awful truth to erupt from the chilly, dim waters

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