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Apple computers are often great right out of the box.  They are designed to be incredibly user friendly and are designed for tasks such as intense video and audio editing.

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The Modern Microsoft (or Linux) PC is usable for a range tasks such as surfing the web, writing documents, and streaming.  As you increase the power of a PC, you move up in capability to full on user capability.  

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Are Apple Computers Better Than Microsoft Computers?

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There are two main platforms for computer users. Apple (Macintosh) and Microsoft (Windows PC). Google has created their own platform which comes in at a distant third so for now, we're going to focus on the mainstream platforms.
The best way to describe the distinction between a Mac and a Windows based PC is that they're 2 different ways of thinking.  In most cases, you'll come back to identical results utilizing either, but they will go about it in a different manner.

For example, when using Windows on a PC, to close the program, a user simply clicks the red X at the corner of the program window. However, for Macs, this is not the case. When the red X on a Mac program box is clicked, that window closes however, the program doesn't. It is still open and running, even though there are no documents or windows open. To close a program utterly, a user should click on the program name on the highest standing window unlike its counterpart, the Windows based computer.

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Macs appear to be cooler/trendier but they are also a better fit for artistic designers.  Apple has carved out a reputation for being the “alternative” choice for those that see themselves as an unique individual.  But it’s not just about image. Macs tend to be the best platform for artistic design and creativity due to the strength of the applications available for them and the fact that Macs are generally high-quality computers right out of the box.  This, and the independendent cliche of using a Mac make up the perfect team for those that see themselves as individuals standing outside the corporate culture.

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Regardless of Apple's image, there are Windows based PCs that can do just as good a job as their equivalent Mac counterpart.  Especially as you can build and modify a custom PC much more extensively.  One major problem is that Macs have applications that run only on Macs.  Many would argue that that is not the case, but these applications are built specifically for Macs and so the PC version is usually an after-thought, or meant to run through the use of emulation software.  

So, which computer is better?

It's all about your needs as a user and what you primarily need a computer for? Unless you’re editing video, performing intense graphic design, and so on, then you probably don’t need to buy a Mac.  Generally speaking, most users just want to browse the web, check their emails and use a word processor, which doesn’t need a high-powered machine.  This is the reason for the rise of the netbook – they’re cheap and do all basic functions without too much hassle.

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Should I buy a Windows Pc or a Mac?, What computer's better?

Should I buy an Apple or Windows PC?, What is better?

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