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A Stephen King Masterpiece

Despite IT's age, the simple truth is that if you haven't read this book then you are really missing out.  IT is Stephen King's terrifying, outlandish, diabolical, demonic horror masterpiece that still continues to cause a shudder so many years since its inception.

IT is an evil shape shifting entity that preys on people's fears, lives in Derry, Maine's sewer system, and has an appetite for eating children.  As the story progresses, it is revealed that IT has stalked Derry for centuries and that a bizarre rash of murders and dismemberments occur every 27 years... When IT wakes up.

"The Losers Club," 27 years after believing they had defeated the ancient evil as children, is brought back together and must rise up against IT, once again, in order to rid Derry of the sinister clown.

The novel IT's real power comes from the unbridled evil nature of a villain that can never be fully understood.  From making a group of children desperately aware of their own mortality, to scarring them for life in more than one way, we may never know what the purpose was of this book, but one thing is for certain, IT is absolutely thrilling.

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Stephen King, Pet Sematary, horror, book, novel

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is one of Stephen King's most terrifying novels (and he's written quite a lot) because of its simple, yet devastating design.  A magical cemetery exists where the buried come back to a sort-of life, but they aren't quite the same as they were originally.  Terrifying and full of difficult choices and events, Pet Semetary is true literary genius that will leave you reeling. 

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Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked this way comes, horror, book, novel

Something Wicked This Way Comes

On a chill Midwestern October night, sometime after midnight, a carnival rolls into Green Town, Illinois and ushers Halloween in a week before its due.  A calliope calls to all with the promise of dreams and recovered youth amidst Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show.  Every life touched is destroyed by the sinister mystery that surrounds the carnival and two inquisitive boys, closing in on the brink of adulthood, discover the secret of the satanic show's mazes, smoke, and mirrors.  The cost of wishes is heavy and is loaded with the things of nightmares.

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Hell House, Richard Matheson, horror, book, novel

Hell House

A dying millionaire, William Reinhardt Deutsch, hires four people to investigate the possibility of life after death, with a one week time limit.  In order for the four to fulfill the task set to them, they must enter the Belasco House in Maine due to it being regarded as the most haunted house in the world.   Due to horrible acts of perversion that occured  at the Belasco House, it is commonly referred to as "Hell House."  The last attempt at an investigation occurred 30 years prior with only one survivor.  Now, the four attempt to investigate the haunting while their sanity is deteriorated by a sinister supernatural influence...

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Prelude to Insanity, Timothy Carnahan, horror, book, novel

Prelude to Insanity

Cole Larson is a socially awkward teenager growing up in the small town of Los Olivos, California.  As Summer begins, Cole enters into a relationship with his childhood love, Laila Hardcastle.  Life couldn't get any better for Cole however, in the background of the young lover's blossoming romance,  Los Olivos is in crisis. People are disappearing and they have entered into a world of horror that will forever change them...

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The Worst is Yet to Come, S. P. Maskowski, horror, book, novel

The Worst is Yet to Come

A lady has disappeared on the Camino de Santiago, the old five-hundred-mile journey that crosses northern Spain. Daniel, an Irish expat, strolls the forlorn trail conveying his better half, Petra's, fiery remains, alongside the accursing mystery of how she truly passed on.  When he decides to stroll with energetic California young woman Ginny, she appears the ideal remedy for his lamenting heart. Yet, a bad dream figure starts to stalk them, and his mind begins to disentangle from the loathsomeness of things he can't clarify.  Surprising twists occur along the way of the old trail they stroll upon. The lines begin to obscure among the real world and madness, among truth and the falsehoods we let ourselves know.

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Salem's Lot, Stephen King, horror, book, novel

Salem's Lot

Stephen King's second novel, the great vampire smash hit 'SALEM'S LOT, recounts to the account of fiendishness in small-town America.  Salem's Lot is a little New England town with white clapboard houses, tree-lined boulevards, and strong church steeples. That late spring in Salem's Lot was a spring of homecoming and return; spring wore out and the land lying dry, popping underneath. Late that mid year, Ben Mears came back to 'salem's Lot wanting to cast out his own demons and found rather another, unspeakable loathsomeness. An outsider had additionally gone to the Lot, an outsider with a mystery as old as evil itself, a mystery that would unleash hopeless disaster on those he touched and thusly on those they loved...

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Frankenstein, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, horror, book, novel

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

In a progression of letters, Robert Walton, the skipper of a ship destined for the North Pole, relates to his sister back in England the advancement of his hazardous mission. Initially without trouble, the mission is before long hindered via oceans loaded with closed ice.  Trapped, Walton meets Victor Frankenstein, who has been going by dogsled over the ice and is severely weakened by the cold.  Walton takes him on board and nurtures Dr. Frankenstein back to health and hears the incredible story of the beast that Frankenstein made...

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Dean Koontz, Watchers, horror, book, novel


On his thirty-sixth birthday celebration, Travis Cornell climbs into the lower regions of the Santa Ana Mountains. Be that as it may, his way is before long hindered by an increasingly odd Golden Retriever who, for some reason, won't allow Travis entry into the woods. That morning, Travis had been desirous to discover some joy in his desperate and lonely existence. What he finds instead is a pooch of disturbing knowledge that before long leads him into a steady tempest of humankind's darkest creation...

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I am Legend, Richard Matheson, horror, book, novel

I Am Legend

After an atomic war, a change covers the globe. It changes each living human into a vampire, with the exception of one: Robert Neville. A shrewd reversal of the customary vampire story in which one secretive figure taints a sound network with the physical and moral threat of vampirism.  I Am Legend gives perusers a universe of nonstop and more likely than not, doomed battle. The one human left alive struggles to determine if the plague can be turned around and how to remain alive as he barricades himself in his home against the horrors just outside night after night.

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